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Cultures are built through practices. We help you identify the practices that already work within your culture as well as practices to change that no longer serve your people, your customers, or your vision. We facilitate people moving from values-in-theory to values-in-action; here are some of the ways how:

  • Culture-building initiatives, workshops, and coaching,
  • Team-building, conflict transformation, and constructive communication
  • Individual and team assessments to understand strengths and preferences to build awareness, respect, and connection.
  • Cultural effectiveness training, integrating emotional intelligence and cultural competence in ways that transform inclusion from theory to practice.

When people engage in practices that affirm the best in themselves and others, while acknowledging the realities of challenges both internal and external, they form connections and amass their energy, skills, and creativity, to move toward their vision together.

From Strength to Strength
To help build an appreciative culture, we help whole organizations, teams, departments, boards, and groups to discover strengths-based approaches to living and working together to achieve their shared purpose. By engaging people in discovery of what is happening when they are at their best and what it is they want more of in their work together, they make choices for what they want to do differently – moving from values-in-theory to values-in-action.