Deb Palmer George is dedicated to helping her clients thrive, to move in the direction of what they want most – beyond challenges, adversity, and obstacles to create meaningful goals and to achieve great results. By considering the whole system involved in an individual and an organization’s success, Deb guides clients through intentionally positive approaches that address even the most challenging circumstances in an appreciative way. Grounded in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and the Gestalt approach, her work with individuals, teams, and organizations helps:

  • Clarify mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Align every role in the organization to its purpose, goals, and desired future state.
  • Individual leaders and leadership teams understand and work from strengths in ways that bring out the best in themselves and others.
  • Leaders at all career stages develop their authentic styles and clarify their personal missions and values.
  • Transform conflict into creativity and connection in real time, to achieve optimal results.
  • Make inclusion a practice that enhances relationships and results.
  • Take team-building to the next level in workshops that build on the best of what is and engage everyone in creating the preferred future.
  • Create strategic plans that translate vision to observable results in customer and staff engagement, leading to increased profitability and long-term sustainability.
  • Link strategic planning and succession planning to ensure the organization is identifying, engaging, and developing leaders and skilled staff to implement and innovate for success.

What This Approach Can Deliver

  • Transforming the depleting energy of negativity, conflict, and disconnection to the enlivening energy of connection, confidence, and progress.
  • Helping leaders build organizations that inspire devotion in employees and customers and admiration in their communities and industry.
  • Clients realizing a thriving bottom line: enriched lives, expanded profits, enduring legacy.

Deb has a BS in psychology and is a graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. She holds the Appreciative Inquiry certification from CASE Western Reserve University, is a licensed affiliate of Conscious Choosing™, and is a World Café facilitator. She founded her independent consulting practice in 2001 after serving as Vice President of Human Resources and Business Development for a technology company she’d started with 15 years before as an outside sales rep.   View Deb Palmer George's profile on LinkedIn